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Why All Homeowners Need Flood Insurance

The Importance of Flood Insurance for Homeowners

As a homeowner, while you may be aware of the necessity for home insurance, you might underestimate the importance of possessing a flood insurance policy. Countless homeowners inadvertently overlook this vital coverage. If you currently lack a flood insurance policy, we urge you to contact us at AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York to learn more.

The distinction between Home Insurance and Flood Insurance

Understanding the need for both policies is crucial. Contrary to popular belief, traditional home insurance does not cover flood damages. Therefore, a separate flood insurance policy is required for protection against this disaster. Without such coverage, flood damages could lead to staggering expenses that might not be manageable.

Flood Zones and Insurance

A commonly held assumption is that flood insurance is only mandatory for residents of flood zones. On the contrary, roughly one in every five flood claims are from non-flood zones, making it essential for all homeowners to hold such coverage. Flood zones refer to designated regions prone to regular flooding, however, they do not exclusively pertain to the areas at risk. In essence, any area is potentially susceptible to home-damaging floods.

Securing a Flood Insurance Policy

The National Flood Insurance Program strongly supports flood insurance. If you are considering obtaining a policy, we invite you to contact us at AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York.

Does Flood Insurance Cover Renters?

Yes. Just as the FDIC has your bank’s back up to $250,000, so does the National Flood Insurance Program up to $100,000. Renters’ personal belongings are covered under such a policy. The landlord’s homeowners policy wouldn’t cover renters’ personal belongings, which is the reason for renters’ insurance. Flood insurance just takes it one step further.

Renters should know before they buy a flood insurance policy their city’s risk analysis. For example, you should know if you live within or outside high-risk areas and plan accordingly. As another example, content coverage is standard, but what about boats, RVs, or ATVs stored near or on the property? Ask a representative of the AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York about this.

Floodplain Mapping

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency along with your local governmental offices provide homeowners and renters with floodplain mapping for their own analysis. Streams, creeks, and low-lying areas are mapped in addition to an assessment of how bad it will be when the water rises.

Recreational Vehicles

Since no government agency like the National Flood Insurance Program will replace your RV or other recreational vehicles in the event of a flood, it’s up to you to contact your local New York flood insurance agency for help. A policy will protect your personal belongings as well as the vehicle if it’s totaled. 

Why Renters’ Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flooding

Renters sustaining water damage from plumbing leaks or a sump malfunction would have their belongings replaced under renters’ insurance. The vagaries of weather, such as torrential rains causing flooding or the blowing of stormy rains causing flooding, however, are out of the renters’ insurance question.

A separate flood insurance policy from AW Burchell Agency Inc. would protect your belongings from flood waters. Adding riders to your policy protects recreational vehicles parked on the property.

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