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Guidelines When Storing Your Boat at A Marina

Use some guidelines to keep your boat secure while it is stored at a marina. Your efforts will prevent theft and damage, reducing the need to file an insurance claim.


Having your boat inspected by a licensed inspector can benefit you. The inspection process will determine its current status.

It will also reveal any mechanical issues or cosmetic flaws that may require you to seek repairs. Once the inspection process is complete, you can confidently store your watercraft at a marina. 

Protection From The Elements

The marina you select may offer covered and uncovered storage areas. If you are placing your boat next to a boat slip, for instance, you may need to take some measures to protect it from the elements.

A fitted cover can keep your boat clean and dry. If you store your boat indoors, it will be protected from the elements 24/7.

Surveillance Equipment

Before you rent space at a marina, find out what surveillance equipment is used to monitor the storage areas. This will protect your boat from theft and vandalism.

The marina may use remote monitoring or another strategy to keep a close eye on the status of the boats that are stored onsite.

An Itemized List

Prepare an itemized list that outlines the boat accessories that will be stored at the marina. This list will help you keep track of your possessions.

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Essential gear to keep on your boat

Everyone who owns a boat here in New York and Pennsylvania knows that the right gear is essential for safety and comfort on the water. Whether you’re heading out for a leisurely afternoon of fishing or embarking on an extended voyage, having the right equipment on board can make all the difference. Here are some essential items we at AW Burchell Agency Inc. think you should keep on your boat to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Essential gear to keep on your boat

1. Life Jackets:

All boaters should wear life jackets while out on the water, so it’s important to make sure you have plenty of them for everyone in your party. Make sure they fit properly and are U.S. Coast Guard-approved for your peace of mind. 

2. Safety Equipment:

A first aid kit is always a good idea in case of injury or illness while at sea, as well as flares and other signaling devices in case you need help from someone else on the water. 

3. Navigation Tools:

Whether it be paper maps or digital GPS navigational systems, having these tools will help you stay aware of where you are and get back safe if you ever become disoriented during your trip. 

4. Communication Devices:

A VHF radio is an invaluable tool to reach out to marina staff and fellow boaters in an emergency situation, so make sure you have one with working batteries just in case. 

5. Emergency Supplies:

In addition to having a first aid kit, it’s also wise to keep an emergency bailing bucket (for flooding situations) as well as fire extinguishers aboard your vessel at all times just in case something goes wrong while out at sea. 

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