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Custom Parts Coverage for Your Motorcycle

Custom parts can enhance your bike’s performance, make it easier and safer to ride, and attract attention as you drive on the road and down the street.

AW Burchell Agency Inc. offers motorcycle custom parts insurance for riders throughout New York and Pennsylvania. Some of the custom parts we cover include:

  • Mirrors: Adding custom mirrors is one of the simplest ways to give your motorcycle a unique look and feel.
  • Exhaust systems: Custom exhaust systems can increase your motorcycle’s torque and power and alter its sound.
  • Lights: Custom lighting systems make it easier for you to see the road and for other drivers to see you. Custom headlights, taillights, and turn indicator options are some of the most popular accessories for motorcycles.

However, coverage for custom parts isn’t automatically included in every motorcycle insurance policy. Motorcyclists have two options for custom parts coverage.

For bikes with minimal or few custom parts, your best option is usually a standard motorcycle policy with an add-on for CPE, custom parts, and equipment. You can secure insurance coverage for the value of your motorcycle as per Kelley Blue Book or the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) motorcycle appraisal guide, plus the value of the replacement parts and labor associated with replacing them.

For bikes you’ve built in your shop, composite bikes, rebuilt frames, and high-value bikes, you need insurance for an agreed-on value. This means you and the insurance company agree on your motorcycle’s worth. Agreed-on values can also be established for classic motorcycles.

AW Burchell Agency Inc. serves motorcycle owners throughout western New York and northern Pennsylvania. Call us today to get the coverage you need!

Guidelines When Storing Your Boat at A Marina

Use some guidelines to keep your boat secure while it is stored at a marina. Your efforts will prevent theft and damage, reducing the need to file an insurance claim.


Having your boat inspected by a licensed inspector can benefit you. The inspection process will determine its current status.

It will also reveal any mechanical issues or cosmetic flaws that may require you to seek repairs. Once the inspection process is complete, you can confidently store your watercraft at a marina. 

Protection From The Elements

The marina you select may offer covered and uncovered storage areas. If you are placing your boat next to a boat slip, for instance, you may need to take some measures to protect it from the elements.

A fitted cover can keep your boat clean and dry. If you store your boat indoors, it will be protected from the elements 24/7.

Surveillance Equipment

Before you rent space at a marina, find out what surveillance equipment is used to monitor the storage areas. This will protect your boat from theft and vandalism.

The marina may use remote monitoring or another strategy to keep a close eye on the status of the boats that are stored onsite.

An Itemized List

Prepare an itemized list that outlines the boat accessories that will be stored at the marina. This list will help you keep track of your possessions.

Contact AW Burchell Agency Inc.

Contact a representative of AW Burchell Agency Inc. if you have to make any changes to your existing boat insurance policy. A representative who serves the New York region will be available to assist.

Can Umbrella Insurance Replace Other Insurance Policies?

Despite our best intentions, incidents can occur where we or our family members are responsible for accidents that damage others or their properties. Usually, our auto or home insurance policies provide liability coverage for these situations. However, when liabilities exceed the coverage limits of the underlying policies, umbrella insurance becomes significant. If you have inquiries about your insurance coverage, including umbrella insurance, our team at AW Burchell Agency Inc., serving the Cortland, New York area, would be glad to assist you.

The Function of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance supplements them rather than replacing your primary insurance policies, making it a reasonably affordable option. Picture your auto and home or condo policies as the foundation of your insurance coverage. They build the framework and offer protection against claims within a predefined limit. Most people always stay within their primary coverage limits. However, if an incident exceeding your coverage limits does occur, it could result in the loss of your home, savings, or other assets.

Umbrella insurance operates like a protective layer over your foundational policies, paying out only when your liabilities surpass the confines of your primary policies. It is a secondary policy, meaning you must have the underlying auto or homeowners’ policies to obtain umbrella coverage. Furthermore, higher limits on the primary policies could result in a lower cost for your umbrella policy.

Most importantly, umbrella insurance provides you peace of mind, protecting you against unusual and unforeseen events.

Obtaining Insurance Through AW Burchell Agency Inc.

Knowing that you and your family are fully protected is certainly comforting. If you reside in or near Cortland, New York, do not hesitate to contact us at AW Burchell Agency Inc. Let us help you secure your peace of mind.

Why All Homeowners Need Flood Insurance

The Importance of Flood Insurance for Homeowners

As a homeowner, while you may be aware of the necessity for home insurance, you might underestimate the importance of possessing a flood insurance policy. Countless homeowners inadvertently overlook this vital coverage. If you currently lack a flood insurance policy, we urge you to contact us at AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York to learn more.

The distinction between Home Insurance and Flood Insurance

Understanding the need for both policies is crucial. Contrary to popular belief, traditional home insurance does not cover flood damages. Therefore, a separate flood insurance policy is required for protection against this disaster. Without such coverage, flood damages could lead to staggering expenses that might not be manageable.

Flood Zones and Insurance

A commonly held assumption is that flood insurance is only mandatory for residents of flood zones. On the contrary, roughly one in every five flood claims are from non-flood zones, making it essential for all homeowners to hold such coverage. Flood zones refer to designated regions prone to regular flooding, however, they do not exclusively pertain to the areas at risk. In essence, any area is potentially susceptible to home-damaging floods.

Securing a Flood Insurance Policy

The National Flood Insurance Program strongly supports flood insurance. If you are considering obtaining a policy, we invite you to contact us at AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York.

Auto Insurance because the Road Ahead is Unpredictable

The road is full of cars and other drivers, and on any given day, those cars or those drivers could act up, and that is when having the right auto insurance partner can make a difference. At AW Burchell Agency Inc., we are that partner for many drivers who call New York home.

So Many Drivers – So Many Cars

If every vehicle was guaranteed not to break down or have mechanical failures, and could stop on a dime, we all would feel a little better about driving, right? And if we were certain that everyone behind the wheel was attentive, not on their phones, and had superlative driving skills, we might not even need insurance, right?

Unfortunately, that isn’t the world we live (and drive) in, and there is a reason why having auto insurance is the law. With so many drivers and so many vehicles on the road, the truth is, we can never be sure or completely comfortable not knowing who is driving the vehicle behind us, in front of us, or beside us. 

It also doesn’t take a mathematician to recognize that the odds are most of us will encounter some automobile accident at some point during our lives. At AW Burchell Agency Inc., New York drivers can feel better and safer knowing they have the protection they need and deserve.

Because the Road Ahead is Unpredictable

Cross your fingers and knock on wood, and let us all hope that we never have a fender bender or a more violent collision. And let us also hope that if we do, that we have the insurance we need because the road ahead truly is unpredictable. Contact us to make an appointment today and be better protected for the road ahead.

What unique coverage options should I consider with commercial insurance?

Business owners throughout the state of New York likely know there are many risks facing their business on a daily basis. Because of this, taking the proper steps to cover and reduce this risk is important. One of the best ways this is done today is with commercial insurance. There are a lot of unique coverage options to consider when you are building a commercial insurance policy. 

Business Interruption Insurance

There are situations when your business may need to shut down due to a covered event, which can include a fire or natural disaster. If this occurs, you will lose out on money needed to run your business. When you have business interruption insurance, it can help to compensate for revenue and income lost during this time. 

Cyber Liability Insurance

All businesses today need to be aware of various cyber risks. If you are a victim of a cybercrime, it can damage your business reputation, lead to regulatory challenges, and even liability claims. When you have a cyber liability insurance plan, it will offer protection against these risks and can help cover many of these costs.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

If your business offers any form of support or advice to clients, having errors and omissions insurance is very important. If it is determined that you offered poor advice or omitted certain information, you could be held liable. An errors and omissions insurance plan will offer coverage in these situations.

Consult With Us

All New York business leaders will know that having insurance is very important. As there are a lot of options to consider today, calling our team with AW Burchell Agency Inc. can be helpful. Our team at AW Burchell Agency Inc. understands all commercial insurance options and will offer any support you need to build your next plan. 

What Is Considered a “Classic Car” for Classic Car Insurance?

At AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York, we help our classic car enthusiast clients decide what the right type of coverage would be for their prized possession. Many car owners come to us and ask what constitutes a “classic car” to qualify for this kind of coverage. Some cars may be older and require special care that is challenging for the average car owner to provide. Others might be rare or luxurious.

In the case of modified vehicles, standard auto insurance policies may not provide sufficient coverage. Thankfully, classic car insurance covers more than you might think it would with the way it is named. Although the term “classic car” may seem to apply to a select few antique vehicles, the definition of this word for insurance purposes can be broad. Every insurance policy is different, so it’s best to discuss coverage options with your provider.

What Types of Vehicles Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

When you hear about classic car coverage, you may picture the first Ford vehicles that were ever manufactured or an antique Hot Rod Lincoln sitting in a garage untouched for decades. While these cars would probably be eligible for this sort of coverage, classic car policies are much more open to different types of vehicles and models than you might initially expect them to be. If you have an antique tractor, this may be eligible for this type of coverage. Exotic or luxury automobiles would also be potentially eligible for this coverage. What’s more, you might be able to cover muscle cars, race cars, military vehicles, and modified ones with this coverage. 

To learn more about what vehicles could be covered by classic car insurance, call AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York today!

What coverage does renters insurance offer?

About one-third of all households are rentals and of those renters, about 40% don’t carry rental insurance. That is taking a pretty big risk that nothing bad will ever happen to you which is optimistic. At AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York, our goal is to make all of our customers understand the value of having renters insurance. As independent insurance providers, we can offer more choices and the best rates. 

Renters Insurance Coverage Options

Content coverage 

Most people have many more possessions than they realize. If your rental was damaged or destroyed how would you be able to replace everything you lost? It would be a daunting task and an expensive one too. If you have renters insurance, you will be able to replace all the things you lost.  You can choose current value or replacement cost as your type of coverage, and if you have an inventory of your possessions, it is an easy process. It also covers your personal property when you are traveling away from your rental.

Liability coverage

If someone is visiting your home and is injured or is injured at another location by a member of your family including a furry one, you will have coverage to pay for medical bills, and in the event you are sued, it will pay for a judgment and legal fees up to the limit of your policy. 

Loss of use coverage

If your rental is damaged by a covered hazard, you may not be able to stay in it for a period of time while it is repaired. Loss of use coverage provides the money you will need to have a temporary place to stay. It will also pay for meals if you are in a place where you are not able to cook your own meals. 

Schedule A Consultation Today

Contact AW Burchell Agency Inc. in New York to take advantage of our knowledge of rental insurance. 

Do I need to carry RV insurance in New York during the winter when I don’t travel?

Your RV may be your most prized possession, but there are still ongoing expenses when caring for it. Some people think that they can try to save money by cutting corners, but dropping your insurance can lead to serious problems or even disaster. At AW Burchell Agency Inc., we can help you assess your risks for owning an RV in New York.

Is Your RV Safe Just Because You Aren’t Driving It?

Unfortunately, your RV may face many different hazards even when you think you have safely stored it for the winter. The building may be damaged by fire, the area could be flooded, bad weather could cause direct damage, and there is even the possibility that your RV could be the victim of vandalism or theft.

If your vehicle is in a parking area, it could even be damaged by another vehicle. Without insurance coverage, you will be responsible for any damages that occur to your RV.

Is It Possible to Save Money On My Policy If I’m Not Getting Full Use?

There are several ways you may be able to save on your insurance. If you already have insurance at a company, you may be able to get a discount by adding another policy in the same place. You can also look into discounts based on memberships, driving records, or other factors.

Our representatives at AW Burchell Agency Inc. can help you figure out if you may be eligible for a discount based on your overall circumstances. You may even be able to get storage-only insurance for a limited period of time. If you own an RV in New York, call today so we can help make sure you have maximum protection at a great price.

The Best Accessories and Gadgets for Motorcycling Enthusiasts

Motorcycling is a thrilling and liberating way to get around here in New York, but it can also be a dangerous pastime if riders don’t take the necessary precautions. Fortunately, at AW Burchell Agency Inc. we know some great accessories and gadgets out there that help motorcyclists stay safe and enjoy their rides even more. 

Accessories and Gadgets for Riders


No matter how experienced you are as a rider, having a good helmet is essential for staying safe on the road. Helmets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors — so you can find one that’s both practical and stylish. Make sure your helmet fits properly to ensure it provides maximum protection in case of an accident. 

Hi-Vis Clothing:

Hi-visibility clothing is one of the most important pieces of gear for motorcyclists. Made with bright reflective materials, hi-vis clothing helps other motorists spot you on the road from far away. It’s especially important when riding at night or in bad weather conditions, making it an essential item for any motorcyclist’s wardrobe. 

GPS Tracking System:

A GPS tracking system can be invaluable for motorcyclists who like to explore unfamiliar roads or go on long trips across the country. Most systems will track your location as you ride, which can come in handy if you get lost or need help on the road. GPS trackers also allow friends and family to monitor your progress from afar.

Keep Your Insurance Updated

With so many great accessories and gadgets available for motorcycling enthusiasts today, there’s no excuse not to stay safe and maximize your enjoyment while out on two wheels! So don’t forget to stock up on these must-have items before heading off on your next ride!

For more information about gadgets or a motorcycle insurance policy in New York, give us at AW Burchell Agency Inc. a call today. 

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